Congratulations Graduating HSC Class of 2022

We enjoyed a heartfelt graduation ceremony for our wonderful Class of 2022. Many students spoke articulately about their important final year of school, highlighting their colourful stories of personal growth. There was a strong Bradfield spirit which was incredibly moving. 

The Director’s Award is presented to a graduating student who has been a positive role model at Bradfield Senior College and has demonstrated that the College has made a difference to their life.

The 2022 Director’s Award was presented to: Heath Jelovic

Heath has taken advantage of every opportunity being at Bradfield has thrown his way. Heath is what you call in the business – a quadruple threat. He’s a musician, dancer, singer and actor. At Bradfield, Heath has provided consistent encouragement and support to his fellow students to achieve their best. He showcases academic excellence, a positive attitude to learning, exemplary conduct, is a leader in the class (and in other classes), and an inventive imaginer of story ideas. Congratulations Heath.

Heath is pictured with Bradfield's Director, Meredith Melville-Jones.

We all make Bradfield, thanks to our Year 12 students for their fantastic contributions.

All photos of the day, including ALL award recipient photos are on the Bradfield Facebook Page (see Albums, Class of 2022).