From little things big ideas grow

A desolate wasteland of dying herbs. A bit of wall that had seen better days. 

When Year 11 students Mason and Jess looked at one of Bradfield's green walls, it looked a little more brown than green. They decided to take on the project as part of Vivid Ideas Creative Careers day. The garden's original purpose was as a herb garden, but due to the aspect, the sun has been slowly killing the plants. 

Mason, a self-proclaimed plant nerd, is the creative director of this project. 

He is working on a way to construct the garden that is aesthetically pleasing while also creating a mural that is conceptually meaningful. Drawing inspiration from art nouveau and decorative artist Alphonse Mucha, Mason's design has a strong feminist feel.

The team from Ryde horticulture has been on site to offer their expert advice and help Mason and Jess with choosing plants, and teaching them how to create a sustainable and beautiful garden.