Career Paths

It is said that your perfect career is at the intersection where all your passions meet.

But there is more to finding the right career than understanding your passions alone; you need to understand your skills, your core values and your motivation.

At Bradfield you have the opportunity to explore this and to gain real, transferable skills that will set you on the right path for your future.

Design & Visual Arts

Careers in this field are varied and can range from providing visual communication for display, websites, print and other media through to exhibiting as an artist.

In our content driven society, good skills in visual communication are essential. At Bradfield you'll experiment in a range of design areas which will help you decide what further study you will need in your future careers.

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Performing Arts

Australia is home to a range of creative industries and at Bradfield we recognise that we have a role to play in the development of future leaders across these industries.

From film, visual and performing arts to the games industry, the creative economy is booming. Here is just a taste of where your creative abilities can take you.

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Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

Turn your computer knowledge into a career. Digital media is a rapidly growing industry which requires motivated, imaginative graduates with an eye for detail and a willingness to work hard to achieve results. At Bradfield you can develop your ICT skills to industry standard and open up your options for employment and further study.

You will develop and build your own apps, develop skills in coding, create interactive multimedia products and learn project management skills. 

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Business and Service Industries

The hospitality, tourism and events industries are leading employers and offer many different career paths, often with flexibility and providing opportunities for travel. All roles are customer focused so you need great people and team skills.

Business subjects build your general knowledge and critical thinking while developing skills in research, problem solving and communication. These skills are all transferable in employment and further study. Our sport and lifestyle programs encourage you to adopt a holistic approach to issues related to fitness, health and well being both for yourself and your future clients.


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Problem solve and provide innovative solutions. Lawyers advise clients on…

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Influence and shape lives. Teachers develop classroom curricula, teach courses…

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