HSC Class of 2019 - Vox Pop

Today was our Year 12 Graduation so we took this opportunity to ask The Class of 2019 a few questions - Vox Pop style - about their experience as a Bradfield student. Here's what they said:

What has been your highlight at Bradfield?

“The Vivid exhibition was probably my major highlight of Bradfield. It brought me together with a group of people that are so creative and really inspiring. That opportunity showed me the power we all have collectively and creatively, and it led me on to really great opportunities that I’m really grateful for”. - Luke

“Does everything count? Honestly? I think the teachers are the best part of Bradfield”. - Ali

“I think my highlight would be studying Visual Arts and the Design and Visual Art exhibition. It gave me a real sense of purpose to see my major works on centre stage”. - Hanna

“My highlight of Bradfield was definitely the Vivid project because I had the experience of learning how to record music professionally”. - Sam


What will you take away from Bradfield?

“Confidence”. - Morcant

“The artistic and commercial skills that I’ve learnt”. - Karli

“The ability to recognise culture and immerse myself in it, whether that be in a school setting, a team setting, or in the wider world. Prior to coming to Bradfield I was a different person – very insular – and now I’m able to connect with people quite readily”. - Luke

“The friendships, the memories and the helpful teachers”. - Sam

“I’m definitely coming out of Bradfield with a better sense of self and feel confident in what I can do”. - Ali

“Good friends and a stronger sense of identity”. - Maia

“I’ve learnt a lot about what the real world is like. I now have a really good skill set and the ability to adapt so that I can go into any given situation with ease”. - Hanna


How will you change the world?

“I’m going to be a writer and change the world with my stories”. - Morcant

 “I’m going to make sustainable clothing”. - Sharbl

“I’m going to change the world by being the contemporary Picasso!” - Ali

“Perhaps I will change the world through being a Scientist!” - Maia

“I hope to make an impact in which ever area I go into. I want to put my own little flair on something and say “Yes! I did that!” - Michelle