8 Page Mini Zine - Your Postcode

What is it? A zine (pronounced zeen) is usually a non-commercial, non-professional publication, kind of like a magazine but with a twist. The main difference between a magazine and a zine is that zines are not out there to make a profit but, rather, to add other, often unheard voices into the mix. Zines are usually made out of interest and passion and are often self-published by the writer/artist/creator. Typically zines are made using collage techniques and are then photocopied.

How do I get involved? There are a lot of ways to create a zine and there are no written rules. You can go wild with your content and images as zines have more of a DIY inspired look. Before you sit down to make any zine, you'll want do a bit of planning. What will you say about your postcard? How will you say it? Will you try your hand at a poem? Or maybe you're the hands-on type, and you want to make a cookbook or an instruction manual to help others solve a problem. Or perhaps there will be no text at all!

Zine Making is a fun and approachable hands-on way of making art. Aimed at any kind of audience, from children and their parents, to teenagers and adults, it gives the creator an opportunity to experience the thrill of making their own zine in a very short amount time and then duplicating it, sharing it, exhibiting it and taking it home with them.

Click here for a printable PDF handout explaining how to be involved in Zines.

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