Joining Bradfield in Year 12 to complete the HSC

Bradfield attracts a substantial number of new students at the beginning of Year 12. These students have completed Year 11 and would like to complete Year 12 in a different learning environment. There are varied reasons for students to move schools at this time and although it may seem unconventional, it is possible and is often just what is necessary for a more successful and contented final year of high school.

Common reasons for moving schools:

  • Students want a more adult-orientated environment to prepare themselves for tertiary studies.
  • Students are an existing ‘pathways’ student and needs to complete remaining year 12 subjects.
  • Students realise they’ve chosen the wrong subjects in Year 11 and want to change the direction of their studies (often more creative).
  • Students have had disruptions to schooling e.g. health issues, a gap etc.

If you are reading this as a prospective Year 12 student, it is important to note that if your subjects from Year 11 do not transfer to Year 12, then there is a possibility that you can pick up a new 1-year subject (2 units). Some of these subjects would result in a non-ATAR based HSC.

Subjects with this flexibility are listed here:

Below are some comments made by students who have joined Bradfield in Year 12 to complete the HSC:

‘I’m glad I moved to Bradfield as I really found myself, I become more confident in myself and made some amazing friends. I moved at the end of year 11 because the school I was at did not fit my style of learning. If you are having doubts about moving schools a piece of advice is to be open to new ideas, new people and most importantly be yourself’. Kayden 

‘I moved to Bradfield as I was doing pathways. I wanted to complete the second half of Year 12 at a new school, to have a fresh start and meet new people. Moving to Bradfield was honestly the best decision schooling wise I've ever made. I wish I’d come earlier. It's such a good environment, you get treated much more as an individual. I feel more respected. There is more freedom, and the fact that there is no school on Fridays is a big plus. It has been beneficial for my mental health and I have so much more free time, less stress and have met some friends that I know I will have for when I graduate. The drama program is absolutely amazing and I feel I have grown so much as a person and learnt to be myself. I cannot recommend Bradfield enough; it is truly amazing and my only regret is not coming sooner.’ Steph

‘I have attended 3 different high schools which range from private (boys), public and TAFE schools like Bradfield. Bradfield was the most welcoming school I have ever attended. At Bradfield, my class schedule gives me room to breathe and makes learning and motivation come a lot more naturally. You get the freedom to decide how you do school. I haven't met anyone who's had a bad experience at the school. If you're worried about the transition in Year 11, honestly don't; everyone is in the same position and you'll meet a lot of like-minded people that you will get along with, with ease’. Harry