Our Braduates - Alex

Alex had been looking forward to achieving her HSC, particularly the part where her certificate arrived with the words 2 Unit Dance on it.

So when her former high school dropped the subject just as she began year 11, she was devastated. She pushed herself to complete the year but says she never really liked or enjoyed the way she was taught, and when she couldn’t study dance she made a decision.

“All I ever wanted to do was dance and perform,” said Alex. 
“Instead, I got put into business studies and legal studies. I felt like I was studying subjects that I wasn’t remotely interested in, and I rebelled,” she said.

It was important to Alex and her mum that she finish her HSC but they didn’t know where to start.
Then her mum discovered Bradfield. 

The idea of studying subjects that she enjoyed, achieving her HSC and also graduating with TAFE certificates appealed to her, though it meant restarting year 11.

Alex was determined that this was the fresh start she needed, and she enrolled at the College. She graduated last year – with 2 Unit Dance on her HSC – and is now studying an Advanced Diploma in screenwriting, acting and editing at the International Screen Academy.

“It felt incredible to graduate. I realised that I hadn’t given up, I had worked hard and with the help of my teachers and in particular Phillip Cooke, I did it!"
“For most of us, the HSC is our first major achievement and the biggest commitment we’ve ever made. To know that I have completed this makes me feel like I can achieve anything.”

Alex's top tips

Be willing and open to learning.

Remember that some days your worst days can turn into your best.

Don't worry about aiming for perfection, just do YOUR 100%.

Commit to attending - be there!