The turn of Events

Over the past weeks, our Events Management team have been working non-stop in preparation for Bradfield's Vivid Ideas Creative Careers Day. 

For the majority of these students, this is the first time planning and executing an event, the fact that it's a real-world project adds another layer of responsibility and complexity.

“It teaches you about the real world, the skills and level of effort and expectation you need to put in. In the events team, we are placed into groups of 3 and we are in charge of doing certain tasks. If one thing doesn't work it impacts on everyone," says event management team member Sophie. 

"We've learnt collaboration and teamwork and about personal responsibility."

The tasks they've worked on include creating floor plans for all workshops, displays and performances, run sheets, investigating food trucks and catering, and making sure deadlines are met!

"My job is connecting all of the groups together and helping with the organisation of their projects," says event management team member Masam. 

Masam is keen to continue organising and managing the event and is looking forward to seeing the final result on the day. 

Students who are involved in this project are able to use this experience on their resume and to create and build a network. Vivid Ideas has created endless opportunities and opened many doors into the world of employment and understanding what is required of Event Managers professionally.