Vivid Ideas Creative Careers Day 2016

Navigating careers in the creative industries can be complex.

After talking with and listening to our Bradfield community we identified a need to bring together experts from the creative industries to help our students explore what life could be like as a professional creative.

Keeping in mind the collaborative nature of the Vivid Ideas festival we expressed an interest in joining the Ideas program and developed the idea of a Career Expo. And so our partnership with Vivid Ideas Sydney and Destination NSW was born.

We designed the ‘expo’ you have when you’re not having an ‘expo’. So gone were the traditional stands with their lonely flyers. We wanted to give students the chance to really liaise with industry, to ‘pick the brain’ of someone who is working in their field of interest and ask the tough questions like, 'How do I build a portfolio that will lead to work?', 'How do I build a brand?', 'How much should I be paid?', 'How do I get a job?', and 'What would I do day to day as a…' 

On the day we had speakers in STEM & Digital Media, Entrepreneurship, Business & Marketing, Production, Content & Advertising, Art & Design and Performance & Theatre.