Industry Experience Program

The workplace in the 21st century is changing rapidly. You'll need to be adaptable, resilient, multi-skilled and prepared to switch jobs and careers as industry and technology changes. Employers want skills like entrepreneurship, creativity, digital literacy, critical thinking and presentation skills in addition to technical or practical skills, knowledge and understanding.

So what does that mean for you?

It means you need to be ready and skilled for careers and jobs that may not have even been created yet.

The IEP Program is unique to Bradfield Senior College and is one of the key differences between us and other schools. We've designed the program to help you find your personal strengths and skills and develop new skills to prepare you for employment and further study. All Bradfield students complete this program as part of their Year 11 HSC.

In the past three years, Bradfield students have been working on real-world projects as part of Destination NSW's Vivid Ideas festival. In 2018, students are part of The New Creatives: 'Hidden in Plain View' event where they have applied for a project role such as writer, artist, designer, performer, event manager etc. and are now part of the overall team that stages this public exhibition.

Prepare for the commercial world in our unique program that makes you work ready. Every Friday you will cover:

  • Career goal planning
  • Interpersonal skills such as conflict resolution and resilience 
  • Resume building and mock job interview experience
  • Individual, group and peer mentoring
  • Up to 35 hours of real industry experience

You'll start to build your portfolio and develop skills for further study and employment. You'll learn about career opportunities in creative and other fields and develop self-confidence and be prepared for the real-world.

There are 3 parts to IEP:

  1. The New Creatives: 'Hidden in Plain View' event
  2. The Connect program
  3. Your work placement 

The New Creatives: 'Hidden in Plain View' event:

The New Creatives - 'Hidden in Plain View' event on Thursday 7 June will reveal Sydney’s hidden stories and secrets featuring works in film, photography, social media, art and design, performance in dance, music and drama and community storytelling. Based on the book Hidden in Plain View by Paul Irish, you will uncover new creative talent from school students across Sydney as part of an innovative approach to senior secondary education.

The event will be the culmination of a 17 week project and an ambitious educational project to provide you with skills essential for the future. This event will link you with the community and aspires to generate empathy and confidence. You will build relationships with aged-care residents, with the land, with industry professionals and with your own future. 

The Connect Program:

From day 1 you'll be placed in a Connect group with a teacher mentor who will support you through your time at Bradfield.

They will:

  • work with you to develop and monitor your goals and aspirations
  • discuss your academic progress and strategies for success
  • support your personal welfare
  • help you through learning challenges

At the end of Term 1, during the project week, you'll complete a 15-20 minute Viva Voce with your Connect teacher about your progress at Bradfield. 

Work Placement:

From week 7 in Term 2, you'll be in a work placement each Friday. Find an industry that you aspire to work in and your Connect teacher and the Student Development Unit will help you contact possible employers. To better prepare you for the future, work placement is compulsory. You will gain confidence, skills, and contacts. Through the program, our students learn to build exemplary resumes which they use to help with their future careers.

What you'll get out of IEP:


 When you complete all the required work, you'll be awarded the following qualifications:

  • TAFE Certificate III Career Advancement
  • TAFE Certificate I Information and Digital Media Technology
  • 2 units HSC Work Studies

Skills development:

  • Discover your preferred industry area
  • Learn how to search for and achieve a work placement (job)
  • Learn how to apply and interview for a job
  • Learn to work collaboratively
  • Work on a project with a deliverable outcome for a "real" client with a "real" brief


  • Confidence
  • Career options
  • Work health and safety

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