Project Week (Yr 11) and Independent Study Week (Yr 12)

Term 1 concludes with an important week for Bradfield's unique educational model.

Year 11 enters Project Week, and the six teams from HEXAD 2024 will continue (and in some cases, commence) making their films. Across Monday to Thursday, teams will be shooting films on-site and off. With dedicated studio time, students will create art, animation and fashion. Music students will compose scores and songs. Editors will compile rushes. The week will culminate in the playback of rushes with students, teachers and guests providing feedback on the material captured. It’s a hotbed of creativity where students develop transferrable employability skills such as collaboration, conflict resolution, communication, project management and negotiation alongside their practical and technical skills. This will culminate in a screening of the work to date on Friday April 12.

Year 12 enters Independent Study Week. This will be a time to work on major works, process diaries, and consolidate learning at the halfway point in the HSC year. Students can seek support in many subjects. This is important preparation for study vacations later in the year as students develop as independent learners in preparation for tertiary study. This should not be viewed as an additional holiday week - look at the requirements of your individual classes. For each student, the week will likely be different in its demands.

Both events are unique to Bradfield's learning culture, and an important part of our alternative approach to the HSC.